You present us the topic and you receive a 360 degrees vision, release and direction.

3 experts with 3 angles study the case and you get an input of different optics.

Give it a chance. It will be intense and precious, I guarantee it.

How does it work?

You describe in 3 sentences what your topic is (professional crisis, career, purpose-path, relationships, grief, efficient communication, etc.).

You receive the bank account number and after the provable bank transfer we suggest you by mail 3 appointments.

  • First you get an Astrosophist vision explaining why you have this kind of challenge and what to work on to release it.

  • The second appointment is a cognitive meta programming session where we clean the source trauma, understand how this affected your life systematically, and heal the episode and we see how to move on

  • The third appointment is a Source Memory Healing treatment that makes you turn all the issue in positive and makes you capable to make the transformation.

Duration: 5 hours, 3 dates. Expires 3 months after purchase.

Where: Online (Zoom, FaceTime, Viber, Whatsapp) 



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