First consultation online: business coaching. We map your challenges, opportunities, set a revenue growth strategy.


What will you receive with a mid term project?

Tools to 

- create your own service and sales protocol for customer excellence and to boost your revenue

- follow up on performance and results

- set direction and strategy

- stress management, healthy lifestyle counselling in a business environment

- burn out prevention

- reduce absenteeism

- improve your focus, set priorities

Performance Management

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  • Based on several years of leadership coaching and sales management in a multinational environment in world leader companies like Avis and UCI, counting on a multicultural experience in terms of personal and management development knowledge I provide an efficient, fast training, coaching, guidance. 

    We map your needs (results, effective communication, leadership skills, analytical skills) cover them with an action plan, set goals and we do a follow up on results. 

    I have collaborated with Spanish, English, Italian and Hungarian Customers, so that we communicate in these languages.


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