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3 March and 7 of April from 16:00 to 18:30 at Visegrádi u. 21 Vitality and Stress workshop series.
We can be stressed by work, financial issues, overwork and even children.
Break-ups, menopause, serious illness, or even our wedding. 
On an emotional level, symptoms can include anxiety, frustration, nightmares, and irritability.
Mental level: lack of concentration, confusion, lethargy or boredom.
Physical: changes in appetite, fatigue, bruising, etc.

Through the ancient technique of Kundalini yoga, we learn to apply proportional pressure to the system to strengthen the nervous system and increase our caliber. 

There are special kriyas and meditations to prepare us for the challenges of human life. A practical kundalini yoga workshop focuses on understanding stressful situations, how to prepare for them, and the importance of eustress for our vitality.


Each workshop costs 30 euros



Vitality and Stress 2 parts workshop series

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