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Mind a Kundalini jóga, mind a kognitív metaprogramozás megdöbbentően átalakítja, és örök hatást gyakorol életünkre. Az alábbiakban olvashatsz az Ügyfelek tapasztalatairól:

A mi történetünk

FEDERICO ACUNA (CEO - USA) My Road to Kundalini Practice Dedicated to my teacher Julia and to those who struggle and are in despair.   My encounter with Kundalini Yoga started with the worse nightmare of my life.  A loved member of my family was having a very violent and unexpected nervous breakdown. From one day to the other, the person I once knew was somehow a  different individual, somebody I did not know or have seen before. Going into further detail, it was more or less like a horror movie that my family members and I were experiencing at that time, one that I would not wish upon anyone.  Looking for a solution for our crisis and trying almost everything, including neuro-biofeedback, psychologists, psychiatrists, nutrition, integrative medicine, and some other unorthodox methods. To my disappointment, none of these methods worked. I became sleep-deprived and desperate for any solution.  Having continuous fear of dealing with more traumatic episodes, I began noticing symptoms of PTSD within myself. In my continuous search, I came across an article that claimed to cure mental disorders with a technique called Kundalini Yoga. I tried to convince my loved one, but she refused.Curious about what Kundalini was, I bought a book and decided to give it a try. After just a few times of practice with only the book and no other guidance, I started noticing that some physical changes in my brain were taking place.  My fears, my PTSD, my apathy towards easy things that look complicated were disappearing. My brain somehow was being restructured and functional. If I could do that on my own, what could I possibly do with guidance? It is worth mentioning that at the same time, I had a very chaotic and abusive life with alcohol and other drugs, not a very good combination for my family crisis. From there, I bought a good book on eBay about Kundalini from a person that resides in Spain. The book got lost and I never got it, but the person that sold me the book introduced me to Julia in order to help me with my family crisis. It turned out, however, she was also a certified Kundalini teacher. I ask her if she would teach me, and she agreed. I started having classes every day, in which I was mainly lost and confused during the class. Still, I was feeling substantial effects on my brain and my personality. After two months of practice, one morning, I decided not to drink or use other drugs, yes! Just like that, somehow, I did not have the appetite to do it anymore. My anxiety and urge to soothe myself with stimulants disappeared, vanished. I only practiced Kundalini for seven months, and my life made a 180 degree turn. So far, kundalini has made me a better communicator with my family, a less reactive person, a better family member, a focused and confident individual, and a rejuvenated human being. In my view, Kundalini yoga is a yoga for your nervous system and brain. Having a good teacher to learn anything in life is a must. For me, having Julia as a teacher, as a friend, and in my life is a blessing. Her love for Kundalini and care and love for others is incomparable and hard to find. Even though Julia has recommended to learn from her master teachers, she is the best and only teacher I would ever endorse. Her attentiveness to detail, her energy, and participation in class are one of a kind. I highly recommend her; you will not be disappointed.  I hope my story inspires and brings some light into the darkness of those who struggle and have nowhere else to go. Give  Kundalini a chance; you might be surprised as to where the road takes you.

MELINDA SCHMIDT (DE) "I decided to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself with kundalini. So I did the 10 days kundalini challenge with Julia. It was a tough time. 30 minutes its not a long time, BUT if you have to stay in a certain position or make uncomfortable movements 22 minutes long, it feels like an eternity.  I have to say that even if there were many moments my head was telling me to quit and stop doing this bullshit, I am glad I did it and finished it. I have learned to get my mind calm and get in touch with my thoughts and heart.   I have realized how often happens that my head stays in my way and blocks me, because its afraid and needs the security and to know whats the next step. And if not you think you are going crazy. I can tell you one thing, you won't, just go through it, face the fear and you will see for how many things you are capable! If you what to do something good and challenging for yourself then try kundalini yoga with Julia. She is an amazing teacher with a lot of empathy and a big heart."

ZITA DEMÉNY - (life coach HU) When you see during meditation that you find out your emotions like the seed of a stone fruit to the outside world and in the meantime your tears gather very very slowly and trickle down your face ... and you don't even feel that ... you just realize that that your face is wet ...... Well, that's what I got from this meditation. Thank you so much Julia! (Kundalini yoga Thesaraus - collection of recorded meditations)

Dr. JUDIT MÁTYUS - (attorney HU) The feeling of "I'm not good enough" has permeated all aspects of my daily life. At first I didn't even see it, it was just a perpetual striving for perfectionism in everything I did. For a while it was clear that this record was spinning all the time. I know, I see it. I tried several methods to get rid of it. Unsuccessfully. My last desperate effort was to find a psychologist. At the first, introductory meeting, he told me that to get rid of this problem, to solve it, to leave it, would be very hard, even years of very painful therapy. It was around this time that I was introduced to Kundalini Yoga. I went to my first class with many reservations. I only did this because two people who were very authentic to me had started practising and they were very positive. In fact, the effect of kundalini yoga on them was something that I experienced. Julia Gabor's amazing professionalism and kindness helped me to become a practitioner. I've been trying to get on the path of meditation for a long time, calming my mind is a big goal. Of course I signed up for the one-week meditation course on the first third of the 21 stages of meditation, "Crystallizing the Self". I couldn't believe it myself when after the second meditation the "I'm not good enough" comment stopped. It was no longer attached to my thoughts! What a luxury! What bliss! There are no words! A few weeks have passed since then. Of course, the "I'm not good enough" is on him. But not directly, but slyly, but enough to see it and it's no longer mine. Very good! How great is that! I have only gratitude and thanks! What is also very important: when I am struggling with disappointment, for example, I can see this and do the meditation on it again, because these meditations are freely available to us. After completing the course, we have gained awareness of the issues and there is the tool, the meditation mediated by Júlia! My everyday life was transformed by that one week! Thank you so much! (Way of Consciousness)

​PAULINA POLKOWSKA - (photographer ES) "I found Julia looking for someone who was doing cognitive metaprogramming and meeting her and starting to work with her, I can say that in only 2 months it has been one of the best things that could have happened to me. For me the first session has already been a kind of ''miracle''; thanks to her I managed to close the most difficult grief of my life caused by leaving an abusive relationship and that was lasting many months and despite efforts and other types of help / therapy did not just close and I remained with several symptoms of post-traumatic stress. I can't explain to this day how liberating and healing it was, but in one first session I was finally able to let go, forgive, accept and be free. From then on we started to work on other issues in my life and everything has been great revelations, changes and in a very fast time (and previously I have done long therapies of all kinds, but that did not compare to anything), from work/vocation, to eating disorders, relationships, self-love etc. Apart from cognitive metaprogramming, half way through our journey encouraged by the results and thanks to Julia's suggestion, I did a 40 day program of Kundalini meditations for eating disorders (and in which I decided to continue further to this day) which has been much more than what the title says - I feel I cleared a lot of traumas and voids from me, anxiety disappeared from my life and for the first time I feel a prolonged calm and peace that does not come from anywhere outside, but from a real internal process. Her accompaniment at all times is loving, close, warm, professional - she knows how to see the person beyond and without judgment, she always made me feel very comfortable. After several years in different types of therapy, short or long, with results of all kinds, I can say that both cognitive metaprogramming, as Julia, have been like finding ''that'' that was missing to be able to start being well in my life and effectively heal very old wounds that hindered many good things to come into my life and I am happier with myself.  I would recommend it to anyone I care about who is going through difficult times or needs to work on very deep issues or improve the quality of their life and really change inside. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Dr. ROBERT HEJJA Entrepreneur, Owner of Káli Art Inn HU I had the most amazing experience with Julia and her way of use of the Cognitive Metaprogramming method. Wounds from childhood surfaced to the extent I burst into tears throughout the session. She professionally supported me through the process and gave a liberation technique to leave those experiences and fears behind. A great THANKS to her!

DR. ROBERT MEZEI (lawyer HU) The thing is, for me, the buzzword was "eating disorder", but I got something else, much more. I mostly felt it in the warm-up exercises, but always with the root chakra lock, that the energy starts to flow upwards from the second chakra and the chakra starts to clear. I felt this more and more directly as I practiced and it has now cleared completely. This has a great significance in that: My lower abdomen is not tight, I don't feel constantly bloated; I don't have a food coma after eating, which for me was a total loss of energy; and more importantly I no longer had a constant feeling of tension in my lower abdomen, which was causing me to not have enough room to breathe properly, which was causing my asthma. A few days ago I caught an upper respiratory infection. This had previously, - because of my asthma, - almost always required hospitalisation, but at least steroid and/or antibiotic treatment. For two or three years now, I may have gotten away with a similar infection without them, but it requires a very serious mindfulness (yoga, meditation, alternative remedies, methods) that lasts weeks rather than days. I don't want to shout it out now, but by the morning of day 4 I feel I've managed to get over the illness without feeling particularly stressed and most importantly without any asthmatic problems. As you can see from the above for me life-changing story, I am very happy to have been part of it and very grateful to you all.

FEDERICO ACUNA (CEO USA) Make peace with the past: "Cognitive Metaprogramming for me has been a new and unexpected experience. I have been able to transport myself to the past, bequeathing again to relive my good and traumatic experiences. In the traumatic case I have been able to conclude that cycle or perhaps see it from a more positive and constructive point of view, on the good side I have been able to relive that joy and security that that experience gave me. In short, I would say that metaprogramming has led me to painful points in my life, I have been able to filter and transform that experience into something encouraging and positive.​"

ÁGNES TARNAI (life coach BE) "Insightful inner journeys, healing of past wounds and traumas, a new understanding of past decisions, reactions and behaviours, establishing new ways of thinking and functioning are some of the very important benefits of the meta programming sessions with Julia. She skilfully guides the process with compassion, deep understanding and intuition. Julia listens, hears the pain points, then works with the images, sensations and memories that pop up in me, using deep breathing to support this fast and efficient process. Each session was an amazing experience and left me with a clear understanding of how I functioned, why I functioned that way, and created a shift in how I look at situations, people and events in my life. These deep healings give me the freedom to take decisions differently, to make different choices and feel more complete, empowered and sovereign in my own life."

ANNUKKA LUKKARI (life coach FI) "Earlier this month, I finished a 40-day kundalini meditation journey. The protocol I did, is used and proven to have worked in reducing the PTSD symptoms, sleep, stress, mood, resilience, and anxiety in US veterans (please DM if you're interested in references). It is a series of 7 meditations, that altogether take 61 minutes. It doesn't sound too difficult, right? But OMG the mental resistance I faced!😅 Actually, it was my instant thought "I can't do that", that woke up my curiosity. I figured if there's such a resistance, then there's probably something I should explore, so I decided to challenge myself (a concept I never understood before) and start the journey. After the first day, my mind told me "there is no freakin' way I can go through with this every day for 40 days.", but once I figured out how to make it as comfortable as possible (dividing the meditations in two different parts, putting backround music I liked, finding the most comfortable pillow to sit on, putting on essential oils and wrapping myself in a confy blanket), it turned out that the practice integrated into my daily routine a lot faster than I would have ever expected! The main takeaways from the journey were: 1. Finding out I that I do indeed have self-disclipline 2. Learning how to find comfort in discomfort 3. Better sleep quality 4. Mental clarity 5. Release of physical tension, especially in neck and hip area 6. Energetic cleanse 7. Activation of the subconscious mind (access to the "hidden" archive of information through dreams) 8. Leveling up my spiritual game I'm so happy and proud of myself for doing this, it was one of the best things I have done for my personal & spirtual growth and wellbeing in a long time!" ✨️🙏✨️ @almadeacoaching #meditation #kundalini #kundaliniyoga #ky #meditationpractice #meditate #spirituality #spiritual #spiritualjourney #spiritualgrowth #awareness #consciousness #mentalhealth #mentalhealthawareness #psychology #holistichealth #yoga #mentalhealthmatters #ptsd #depression #healing #energy #energyhealing #bodywork #anxiety #peace #calm #wellbeing #health

MAGDA JASTRZEBSKA (creative producer PL) I met Julia through cognitive meta programming. Such a professional and gentle way of helping and going through the healing process together. It’s always a pleasure to work with Julia.

OTILIA HORVÁTH (police agent HU) "When we first had a meta session with Julia, I had no idea what was going to happen. I hadn't heard much about this yet, but I was very curious! the incredible empathy, the acceptance - and the magic itself. When working together with tremendous lightness, we progressed quickly and simply dissolved the subconscious fears lurking in the depths of my soul that I had probably carried for many years. Did huge steps to accept, to open, to expand ... To calm down. To tranquility. I can't be grateful enough! Thank you very much!"

TEG SUNDER (CEO HU) "I am sincerely grateful for this protocol. It was mainly curiosity that led me to participate in the group, but I am experiencing unexpected positive effects in my life and my eating. For one, my perception has become much more subtle. I experience subtle vibrations and energies that I didn't before. On the other hand, I am subconsciously paying attention to what, when and how I eat and drink in ways that are surprising to me. Before, I had no problem having a couple of glasses of wine. The present situation is that I've started to pay attention to eating slowly, not frothily. So much less food is enough to feel full. During the protocol I started to abstain from big evening meals. I eat little or very little in the evening, then raw vegetables. I have no desire for alcohol. Water, tea substitute for everything, even juice does not taste good. The miracle is that I got all this not with conscious attention, but with natural ease. I felt the very powerful effect of the mantras I chanted especially in the 3rd third trimester of the 40 days. It cleansed me, uplifted me, gave me joy to listen and chant together. It felt like the mind was expanding. Thank you so much for 40 days of selfless presence, for your continued support.

MARIANN FORRAI Head of Finances, bank sector HU): "For me it (ganpati kriya 40 days) is a surprisingly effective, physically easy and short exercise. I do it at the end of the day because it helps me to calm down and it's much easier to come up with topics I want to work on. Something always comes up, even when I don't want it to. For me it's not cathartic kriya, it's often mentally difficult because it always keeps me in the present, but it gets results very quickly."

TÜNDE HORVÁTH (Ayurvedic therapist HU) "The PTSD Protocol's multi-step meditation series invites you on a real, deep inner journey. My experiences during the first 7 days of practice (both physical and mental) have intensely highlighted the areas of my life that I have to deal with. I believe that over the course of a 40-day challenge, these clearings will only intensify, and I would therefore warmly recommend it to anyone who wishes to explore their own "unknown" areas through diverse and exciting meditations.  Although at times a poignant and painful 'journey', the end result is stunningly transformative! Julia! Thank you for the opportunity, I am grateful for your professionalism and your dedication to people!"

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